sobota, 19 marca 2011

From Azer

"Notebook G2P of the Asus is practically a conventional micron. With screen of 17 4 counts and more than kg of weight to be used on the table, especially of gamers that they demand the maximum of performance of notebook. Although graphical its performace to be one equivalent desktop is not well superior of the majority of notebooks. Laptop still counts on recorded of DVD with LightScribe technology and webcam of 1,3 MP. Unhappyly, the aguenta battery less of one hour with the computer being used intensely. It comes equipped with a processor 2 the 2 Cores duo of GHz, 2 GB of memory RAM, HD of 160 GB, plate of video Radeon X1700 with 512 dedicated MB, recording of DVD and bluetooth."

this is a highly specialized blog. a very good concept.

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