sobota, 19 marca 2011

From TraderCafe

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From Azer

"Notebook G2P of the Asus is practically a conventional micron. With screen of 17 4 counts and more than kg of weight to be used on the table, especially of gamers that they demand the maximum of performance of notebook. Although graphical its performace to be one equivalent desktop is not well superior of the majority of notebooks. Laptop still counts on recorded of DVD with LightScribe technology and webcam of 1,3 MP. Unhappyly, the aguenta battery less of one hour with the computer being used intensely. It comes equipped with a processor 2 the 2 Cores duo of GHz, 2 GB of memory RAM, HD of 160 GB, plate of video Radeon X1700 with 512 dedicated MB, recording of DVD and bluetooth."

this is a highly specialized blog. a very good concept.

From Eliete

Gostei das informações. Minha filha fez 15 anos e ganhou de presente de alguns amigos um notebook. Estou pensnado em comprar um também, mas estou em fase de pesquisas de preços e configurações.
Obrigada pelas dicas.
Um abraço.

From Fred

Thankx for your comment on Easyfashion !
But I don't know nothing abour NoteBooks
And I am a MAC user. Hi hi ... Sorry !
I wish you Good Luck !

From Natalie

I would LIKE to read your blog. I don't speak Portugese or Spanish so I have no idea what some of it says. Glad you liked me opinion though. I would read yours IF I could read it all but I can't. Any translation possible? Thanks for your support. It was appreciated especially today as the national news is GRIM to say the least.

If this country elects another Republican ... well I'm going to the North Pole. I cannot believe after the HUMONGOUS mess they have created nationally and world wide that a McCain even has a remote possibilty. Why the Democrats cannot get their act together is something I cannot fathom. Perplexed, sad and disgused not to mention furious to say the least. I'm trying to smile though. Not easy. :)Thanks for your support.

Asus G2P

O notebook G2P da Asus é praticamente um micro convencional. Com tela de 17 polegadas e mais de 4 kg de peso para ser usado sobre a mesa, especialmente a de gamers que exigem o máximo de desempenho do notebook. Apesar de sua performace gráfica não ser equivalente a de um desktop é bem superior a da maioria dos notebooks. O laptop conta ainda com gravado de DVD com tecnologia LightScribe e webcam de 1,3 MP. Infelizmente, a bateria aguenta menos de uma hora com o computador sendo usado intensamente. Ele vem equipado com um processador core 2 duo de 2 GHz, 2 GB de memória RAM, HD de 160 GB, placa de vídeo Radeon X1700 com 512 MB dedicados, gravador de DVD e bluetooth